There is a strong link with Astrology and Homeopathy. According to the planetary position in your chart there will be health issues that you are more likely to face. Therefore an Astrology reading can help to identify the severity and duration of the issue that is currently being discussed. It can also help identify where the issue is actually coming from. If we take an example, sometimes people come with a headache and can’t explain the trigger and by looking at the chart we can see that the cause is an imbalance in the digestive system. This allows accurate diagnosis and therefore provides faster results.

While we are doing a reading you can ask other questions that may related to non-medical issues, such as career, finance, relationships etc.
Once you have booked an Appointment you will be asked for your Date, Time and Place of Birth. The session will begin with what is seen in your chart and then you can ask any questions that you may have.
Book an Appointment now and allow Astrology to guide you.