Intuitive Reading £47

A Full Astrology Reading
Book an Intuitive Reading for a discussion about your Chart and what impact it has on your Life. Find out the answers to your questions and what the future has in store for you. During the discussion an analysis of your Chart, Dasha and Transits provide accurate guidance. Relevant Remedies can also be given to minimize negative aspects if appropriate.
You can discuss the strengths and weaknesses in your chart to help you make more informed decisions. It can help provide direction during a time when you’re unsure of which path to follow.

Birth Chart With Astrology Reading £95

A Full Astrology Reading With A Printed Birth Chart
Your Birth Chart and Astrology Reading will give a detailed report highlighting your Chart, Dasha, Transits as well as a forecast of the current planetary position in your chart. Your Birth Chart is the foundation of your life however every year the planets change around your birthday and these also have an influence of your life.
This will help identify what impact the Birth Chart has on your life as well as highlighting the short term issues that you might be facing now.